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Electrical Services

Why test and inspect Portable Appliances?

There is no law or regulation that compels anyone to test and Inspect Portable Appliances.

True or False?

Amazingly this is a true statement.

What there is however, under various acts of Parliament , is a ‘duty of care’ to provide an environment in which Employees, Tenants and Members of the general public can work, live and visit in safety.

This is best achieved by a Planned Program of Test and Inspection, which PMP will carry out to the IEE codes of practice.

PMP will provide the service to ensure your Electrical Equipment is Safe and give advice where observations show possible contravention of best practice. For example, the over-use of extension leads. This will be provided in the form of a report also containing your Test Results.

Why carry out regular Periodic Test and Inspection (PTI)?

The Electricity At Work Regulations 1989 (regulation 4.2) requires an electrical installation to be adequately maintained to ensure safety. This can done via a maintenance regime, periodic inspection or both.

Failure to comply with the above can lead to prosecution by the HSE.

Why not let PMP carry out a site inspection to enable us to estimate the cost of keeping your premises safe.

As important as they are, the above reasons to test should be viewed alongside the vital need for us to reduce the risk of FIRE.

It has been widely reported that a high percentage of Devastating Fires are thought to have been caused by an “ELECTRICAL FAULT